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Welcome to my home page. This site is dedicated to all my friends who made this real! Because if you were not there, life would be pretty boring.

Enjoy the surfing……!!!!!

Events of Year 2003

     Club Med World: Paris  

     Disco Party: Arche de la Defense (France)

          Events of Year 2001/ 2002:                                                                       


    New Year’s Eve: Wales (UK)


          Halloween02: Paris (France)                                                          Friends and Family:


          August 02 Birthdays: Coventry (UK)                                                      Friends   New photos!!


                Fiona and Stokesie’s wedding: Braintree (UK)                                     Family


                New Year’s Eve: Coventry (UK)                                                                     Christmas Day 02: Lyon (France)


                Amanda and Keith’s wedding: Canterbury (UK)                                           Christmas Day: Lyon                                                                                                                                                           

                Yorkshire Trip ( Feb02)                                                                            


    Various parties in Paris  

Caving in:                                                                                            France Touring :


    France:  Lot (April 02 / Nov.02)                                                            Arcachon - Bordeaux 


     England                                                                                             Normandie (Etretat /Dauville)


     Slovenia                                                                                            Normandie with Steph (15/08/02)


     Matos / Gear (Vieux Campeur)                                                             Paris (by Steve and Anne)



My oversea trips:                                                                                  Scuba-diving :              


     Sept02: Los Picos de Europa (Spain)                                                    July 03: Cassis (France)


     Sept-Nov 99:  South America                                                              June 03: Cap de Creus (Spain) 


                                                                                           May 02:  Hurghada (Egypte)  


    Visit my friends sites:


     Keith Batten




    Cyrille Maillet


              Level 3 to come