Caving in the UK


I arrived in UK in September 95 and joined the Coventry caving society on the same year.

The Mendips trip was the first of the year. Below a photograph of the group!

Steve, Anne, Keir, Caroline, George, Cal, LB, Nic, JD

remain the oldest of the group

England has 4 distinctive caving areas:

The Yorkshire Dales

The Peak District

The Mendips


Caving in the UK is very sportive and also very wet. Lots of caves are horizontal and very narrow, which makes the caving even

More interesting!

During my 4 years-stayed in the UK, I did lot of caving but gathered only few photos because of the caving environment

(wet, muddy, tiny…).

I selected some of them to give an idea to those French who could be interested in going caving in the UK


Entrance of County (Yorkshire)                            Jenny on the ladder                                    Caroline



Some part of County                                                      Derbyshire ?                              Jennie, Steve, Vicky, Chris, Peter W.


A photograph of the group in Yorkshire another year…      Mendips-wet and horrible hole


Yes, it was horrible and cold!


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