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Latin America rewards travelers with an insight into cultures and history stretching back thousands of years. It is a land that humbles us with reminders of vast ancient empires stretching throughout Central and South America. Today, these ruins lay peacefully beside beautiful colonial houses and huge modern buildings providing a striking contrast between old and new in an incredibly diverse land.


The Latin America people are blended from ancient cultures, colonial settlers and modern immigrants. While many still live traditionally within their own family groups, most have joined together to form a fascinating mixture of locals not found anywhere else in the world. Many native Indians in remote areas still speak only the language of their ancestors while others are multi-lingual professionals living in modern cosmopolitan cities. All will welcome you with a wave and a friendly smile.


From breathtaking landscapes in the high Andean mountains to dense tropical rainforests in the Amazon basin, from tranquil palm fringed beaches in the Caribbean to awe inspiring glaciers in Patagonia, a journey through Latin America is to glimpse at some of the most spectacular scenery and sights on earth. There are ancient trails to be hiked, snow-capped volcanoes to climb, clear blue seas to swim and magnificent pyramids to explore. Whether you’re seeking lost civilizations, splendid colonial architecture, vibrant cities or unique wildlife, Latin America has it all.


                                  About Overland expeditions





Accommodation: 50 / 50 (Camping / Hotel)

Camping expeditions, by their very nature can sometimes involve certain hardships not associated with other styles of travel. These expeditions are suited to travelers aged from 18 to 45 years old who are reasonably fit and active

The self-contained expedition vehicles carry all the necessary top quality equipment to ensure that camping is well organized and fun. Campsites vary from organized sites with good facilities to free-camping in the wild where we are totally self-sufficient. As well as spacious two person tents, there is a full compliment of gas stoves and kitchenware for the group’s use.








The majority of time on Overland expeditions is spent traveling on the custom-built expedition vehicles of the company


All food while camping is included plus lunches when traveling between hotels. There is always a huge variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and meats which are purchased at local markets. All meals are prepared by group members on a roster basis organized by the team leader.











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